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We enjoy working closely with our clients and look to build long-term relationships that benefit both parties. We bring our expertise and passion to the table and take real pride in hearing about the joy and delight of our end customers, while comfortably working away in the background.

Open Positions

Flutter Developer (Flutter, Android, Dart)

2-4 Years, Job Code: Q35MFD

Build advanced applications for the Android and iOS platforms. Work with outside data sources and APIs. Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability. Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.

Must have built at least two Android/iOS apps with Flutter or Hybrid Framework. Must have solid oops concept. Have working experience with flutter development. Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.

Do tell us about your recent apps and their features.

UI Designer(Photoshop, Graphic Design)

2-4 years Job Code: Q35UID

We are looking for a talented, energetic, hands on and self motivated designer who loves creating digital experiences, UI screens and new designs.

Very Strong Photoshop Skills required, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch and Figma skills appreciated.

Do tell us about what is your hunger to create new designs and how you improve your creative skills.

How to Apply?

To Apply, please send your CV to with the email subject line as <JobCode>_<FirstName>_<LastName>_<MobileNumber>


We aim to pay above market rates, considering your experience, your previous and potential contributors.


We intend to have everyone who joins, to be part of a work family and make a strong impact on society. We welcome like thinkers who can work well as a team and who are willing to learn and grow.

We are Problem Solvers, and approach any problem from a perspective that it can be solved, and by anyone. Nothing is impossible – some things just take longer than others. We work well as a team, and we bring our unique ideas to the table and make them happy. We get delight in our customers finding our work to be valuable to them, and we ensure that we deliver high quality, well maintained and we’ll built systems.

We work well both independently and also in a team, and anticipate and work to ensure the best for our customers. We communicate very frequently and are proud of the good work we do, and freely teach others how to do the same, with an eager expectation to learn something new from others.